Tips on helping your new brush to last longer

Your brushes mostly take care of themselves and there is not much you need to do. However, we have collected a few tips on how to make sure that your brush will last as long as possible.

Here you go:

- Always store brushes hanging or by having the bristles up. 

- It's okay if the brush gets wet, they have been treated with linseed oil that makes them water resistant. However, make sure to dry the brushes properly, and never leave them to soak in the water. Best way is to hang the brush in a dry place.

- In case your brush gets dirty; clean the bristles with mild soap-water-solution and let them dry well. For animal bristles (horsehair and goat hair) you can also use mild shampoo (Note! do not use shampoo for dish brushes or pastry brushes).


-For dish brushes and pastry brushes the best way to clean them is to use dish washing liquid  (meant for hand washing). If the bristles are extra greasy add some liquid directly to the bristles and rub them with your fingertips in order to get the grease out of all the bristles.

- You can add oil to the wood in case the wood starts to look dry. This applies mainly to the brushes that will get wet regularly such as bath brushes and dish washing brushes. Usually there is no need to add any oil in the first 1-2 years of use. After that you can apply any natural oil, however we recommend linseed oil or olive oil.

- If the bristles of your brush are worn out but the wood is still in a good condition it might be possible for us to re-bind it. Ask us for more details.